Thursday, 7 March 2013

Are you thinking Why Nobody Is Reading Your Blog?

There was a time when blogging was a great fun and people read it very enthusiastically. They would wait for each new post very eagerly.  But with the spread of blogging and other social media on the web, to get noticed as a blogger is becoming somewhat difficult with so many blogs available on the same topics or subjects.  So, if you feel that not many are reading or following your blog despite good content or layout, don’t get disappointed. There are quite a few reasons that people may not be reading your blog.

The following checklist will help you address the problem effectively.

If It Is a New Blog:

Don’t worry if it is a new blog. Concentrate upon the quality of the content and be focused. It is not likely that the users will be immediately informed of your new blog. To get noticed, you need to put in extra efforts and work harder. Connect with other bloggers of your interest and subject. Start sharing your knowledge with the people from your field and let them become familiar with your blog. You can post comments on their articles and discuss various issues related to your interest. Show your knowledge and expertise. Join various forums to get noticed.

Remember: You are Not the Only One On the Web With the Same Subject:

Obviously, you are not the only one with the same subject or topic on the web when you started your blog. There are hundreds of other blogs addressing the same issue or topic. You perhaps opted to express your own thoughts on the topic you thought you can write the most and highest quality blog posts well and justify it professionally. Now, think how to out-rank all the other blog posts with similar topics. You have to prove yourself more knowledgeable, creative, and entertaining to get noticed and even for that you require some time to establish yourself. You will have to work hard to connect to others and to make them realize your admirable expertise with the content. It is also advisable to use the oft-search words or phrases to get easily noticed.

Help People Find Your Blog:
Help people in finding your blog by creating links leading back to your blog and publish guest posts to other blogs and forums, etc. Make people realize that you do exist. Do use important keywords while creating blog posts but avoid overstuffing with them; there are users who search content with the help of search engines. You can also offer free subscriptions to your readers.

Follow a Schedule:

Make it a point to spend at least a couple hours daily on your blog. Create a schedule and follow it dedicatedly. Regular and consistent blogging helps in increasing readership. Tell your readers when they can expect a new post and don’t allow longer durations between the posts least your readers might forget that it is coming. This will help them come back regularly to your blog.

Follow the tips discussed above and see the difference! All the best!


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